Invent a more delightful place to meet.

Personalize a virtual space that makes it easy to drop-in, mingle, and collaborate on the fly online.

Dedicated & Customizable Video Rooms📍

Sync up in a flash ⚡

Traditional online meeting tools aren't made to support the fluidity of remote work. So we built an efficient way to quickly sync up while remaining async-first and saying no to packed calendars. 

Custom URLs so people can find your space fast.
Low pressure environment makes it easy for people to come and go.
No management required. Set up a space in a minute and forget it.
Keep your door open or close it for more privacy.

"Workspaces will never be the same again and this team is poised to be what the future looks like. Blending virtual + ambiance + human interaction."

Aaron Gopp

"Get on this list. It has been the first thing that has truly felt to me like working side by side with co-workers since April. Yet, still allows you to stay in your own headspace."

Arlan Hamilton
Backstage Capital

"Hubstaff's team members are fully distributed...one of the problems that comes along...is the lack of opportunities to express personhood both individually and collectively as a team. Workfrom virtual cafes and offices answer this pain directly with virtual spaces for team members to interact together in spaces of their own creation."

Tyler Sellhorn

According to Buffer...

Flexible work schedules need an easy, frictionless way to get
face-to-face. Meetings aren't the answer - they need to be managed and can waste time.

Virtual spaces were built to make syncing up effortless and efficient. Easy to design, share, and join.