A better way to co-work remotely with your people

Less scheduled, more drop-in.

Less sterile, more magical.

Less office-like, more personal. 

People don’t work with apps. People work with people. Remote workers don't need more meetings. They need better places to meet.

By making nontraditional workspaces easier to find for hundreds of thousands of remote workers, Workfrom has become the primary source for trusted workspace recommendations.

Workfrom put the power in the hands of people, the remote professionals themselves, and they taught us about great places to work.

This unique worldview led to the creation of a new type of digital meeting place for our people.

It's partly you—partly us.

It’s not as imposing as Zoom and less distracting than Slack. 

It's designed by you and made to be yours. 

Working remotely doesn't have to be so one-dimensional.
Bring personality and humanity back to the workday.

Working remotely for those who know there’s a better way.