Build Your Own Co-working Cafe

The easiest way to create iconic online places to work around others. 

virtual cafe live demo

What is a Virtual Third Space?

Experience it for yourself. A simple yet powerful way to create "same room" experiences for anyone—and anywhere.

How it Works.

Create Your Space

Your space is fully customizable and designed to be as unique as you, your brand, community, or crew.

Set the Ambiance

Curate your vibe with custom playlists, real world sounds, and scenery that inspires.

Invite Your People

Spaces run in the browser, making them easy to create, fun to design, and simple to share.

Create Your Missing Places.

Recreate the presence and chance encounters of physical spaces you know and love — and from anywhere.

It's All About You

Easy to Design
Easy to Share
100% Browser-based
Public or Private
Video, and Chat
Add Spotify, YouTube + More

What others are saying.

“One of my biggest concerns with running @piepdx as a virtual program recreating the serendipity of random folks popping by the space. Given how the @workfrom cafe is functioning, that's becoming less of a concern for me.” 

Co-founder, PIE

“There’s something about our Virtual Cafe that makes me feel productive. It could be being around other people working rather than being alone. It could be the unique vibe. Whatever it is, when I’m not in meetings, I’m getting work done in our virtual cafe.” 

Managing Director, Techstars

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